DUMEBI Haute Couture gowns - ORIGINAL SIN

Decadent high ceilings embellished with Chandeliers at this beautiful 5 start Hotel at the centre of the iconic Boulevard de La croisettes created a magical setting to present our intricately detailed Silk Chiffon Couture Gowns delicately embellished with intricate hand sewn lace appliqué and combined with shattered plexiglass Gold plated belts. 

Inspired by “The Fall of Man” Renaissance painting by Sir Peter Paul Rubens depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This collection truly embodies the brands ethos of creating unique handmade luxury fashion pieces that are a combination of colourful vibrant African Culture, Renaissance art and western silhouettes that are both artistic & wearable. Consisting of a combination of red carpet evening gowns with cool jumpsuits and signature neck collars. 

The use of Silk Chiffon as the base fabric represents the transparency and delicateness of Adam and Eve in the garden before the Sin. The floral lace appliqué represents the branches and leaves they used to cover themselves from God after they had eaten the apple.  

The Plexiglass Belt represents beauty and perfection shattered by the sin of man (Original Sin) the shattered pieces of the plexiglass are then reattached using Gold chains to depict our redemption through Jesus Christ...

The collection embodies beauty, strength and delicateness of a woman. Playing with transparency and jewellery designate reminiscent of the brands first collection; Beaded Regalia 


DUMEBI Original Sin x Festival de Cannes GSF Awards

DUMEBI showcases new Haute Couture Collection "Original Sin" at the Festival de Cannes GSF Awards Gala. Held at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes Hotel. 

Backstage at the DUMEBI x Festival de Cannes GSF Awards Gala

Backstage Access DUMEBI Original Sin fashion show at the Festival de Cannes GSF Awards Gala. Held at the magnificent Intercontinental Carlton Cannes Hotel showcasing luxury fashion, evening gowns & the finest couture gowns